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Hello. I am Steve Pretty. This is my website, on which I attempt to explain my confusing 'career' to you. I do mostly performance,  music composition, arranging and production, and sometimes photography and writing.

If you're confused, think how I feel.

New Bollywood Brass Band album

As well as producing HCB's latest album (which went in at number 3 on the jazz charts and number 14 on the independent music charts, but stop going on about it, yeah?), I also produced the Bollywood Brass Band's latest record Carnatic Connections in summer 2016, which Simon Broughton gave five stars in his review for the Evening Standard.

This is the first record which I also mixed (HCB's Sharpener was mixed by the incredible Geoff Southall), which was a really exciting new challenge. I've mixed some bits for the stage and radio before, but not a full album, so thought I'd throw myself in at the deep end by mixing 6 horns, 5 drummers and south indian violin!

I'm really, really proud of the result. This record is a collaboration with Jyotsna Srikanth, a very well-known and respected south Indian violinist, and I tracked all her contributions in my home studio, along with tabla, mridangam and other south indian percussion (played by master percussionist RN Prakash), and mixed it here in my home studio, and while on the road in Edinburgh. 

I've been performing with the band for years (and also appear on the album, both in the ensemble and soloing/duetting with Jyotsna), and to me, this is possibly the best the band has ever sounded on record. There is some extraordinary playing from Jyotsna and Prakash, and some really great ensemble playing from the band, playing quite a diverse set of music, ranging from banging covers like Jai Ho to more introspective classically-influenced south indian pieces like Deva Deva and original compositions like Drum Dance.

I really enjoyed producing and mixing this record, and look forward to doing some more mixing and production (on top of what I do with HCB) very soon.

Listen to the album on Spotify here or on Bandcamp below: