I do music and performance and stuff

Hello. I am Steve Pretty. This is my website, on which I attempt to explain my confusing 'career' to you. I do mostly performance,  music composition, arranging and production, and sometimes photography and writing.

If you're confused, think how I feel.

Ugly Chief

In November 2017 I was in Ugly Chief at the Battersea Arts Centre, after a successful preview tour in the spring.

It's a really interesting show by Victoria Melody and her dad, Mike Melody. I was part of a small band, playing trumpet, percussion, singing and doing a tiny bit of what could loosely be described as 'acting'.

It got universally glowing reviews from all over the shop, and we're touring more in Spring 2018. It's a pleasure working with Vic and Mike, and look forward to getting out on the road with the team again soon.