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Hello. I am Steve Pretty. This is my website, on which I attempt to explain my confusing 'career' to you. I do mostly performance,  music composition, arranging and production, and sometimes photography and writing.

If you're confused, think how I feel.

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pBuzz method mixing and production

In autumn 2017 I produced and mixed backing tracks for the new pBuzz education method. The pBuzz is a new plastic instrument from the makers of the best-selling plastic trombone the pBone. It's aimed specifically at beginners, so it was fun producing these tracks, written by Kay Charlton. 

The recording (trumpet, pBuzz, vocals), production and mixing were all done at my studio, and Warwick Music, publisher of the method and manufacturer of the instrument, were delighted with the results, which have gone out to lots of schools across the UK.


I've had fun doing some nice sessions of late, with studio sessions in section with chum Pete Wareham for the likes of Paul Epworth (in his incredible studio The Church featuring - geek alert - a 72 channel Neve desk which was used to record Dark Side of the Moon) and some nice sessions I've recorded myself at home through my increasingly tasty setup of a Coles ribbon mic and Neve channel strip. If you want me on your record, drop me a line and I can either come to your world famous studio or record in my own non-world famous studio.

Paul Epworth's 72 channel Neve desk at The Church

Paul Epworth's 72 channel Neve desk at The Church