I do music and performance and stuff

Hello. I am Steve Pretty. This is my website, on which I attempt to explain my confusing 'career' to you. I do mostly performance,  music composition, arranging and production, and sometimes photography and writing.

If you're confused, think how I feel.

Hackney Colliery Band

I run the Hackney Colliery Band, a 9-piece modern brass band playing rock, jazz, electronica and soul.

Our critically-acclaimed third album Sharpener reached number 3 in the jazz charts and 14 in the independent album charts in 2016. After putting out our first two records with WahWah 45s, we put Sharpener out independently, and it went on to be featured on iTunes, Spotify and in store at HMV and Fopp. It had superb reviews from the likes of the Sunday Times, Guardian, Uncut, Big Issue, Express and many more.

We're currently working on our fourth album, which will be released in 2017, and will feature some pretty exciting collaborations. We've been played on the radio all over the world including almost a complete set of BBC stations: Radio 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6Music. We're working on getting played on talk station 5Live and Asian Network.

We're more or less constantly touring the UK and Europe, which is exhausting, but a lot of fun. 

We play a lot of festivals as we manage to sneak in as the leftfield jazz choice at rock festivals like Field Day and the leftfield rocky choice at jazz festivals like Love Supreme. Oh, and we put on a good show, too, I think (so does The Times, who said that we 'reinvent the brass band format for the 21st Century', and BBC Radio 2 who said that we are 'one of the greatest live bands we have in this country').

Listen to Sharpener below, and please buy if you enjoy it: help support independent music.